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World War 1 & 2 - Roll of Honour with detailed information
Compiled and copyright © 2000 Cliff Brown
additional information Mark Haycock
Additional photographs Chris Harley

The memorial can be found on the village green opposite the parish church. It takes the form of a croos of sacrifice mounted on an octagonal base with a three stepped base.

To the imperishable
memory of
our glorious dead
who fell in the
Great War

Through their death we live



36524 Private, 6th Royal Berkshire Regiment. Formerly 4637 Cambridgeshire Regiment. Killed in Aaction 7-10-1916, age 22. Born Elm, enlisted Wisbech (Elm), Youngest son of James and Suzannah Allen, 3 Chapel Row, Elm. Thiepval Memorial, France.



18545 Private, A Company, 1st Suffolk Regiment. Killed in action 21-8-15, age 15 (Fifteen, correct). Son of Mr Frederick & Mrs Susan Barker, Fridaybridge Rd, Elm. Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Road Military Cemetery, Belgium.



26797 Private, Y Company, 2nd Suffolk Regiment. Killed in action 16-8-16, age 23. Son of James & Susannah Booth, West View, Elm. Thiepval Memorial, France.



27894 Private, 6th Northamptonshire Regiment. Died of wounds 20-3-17, age 33. Son of James & Susannah Booth, West View, Elm. St Leger British Cemetery, France.


Thomas William

325498 Private, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Killed in action 31-7-17, age 25. Eldest son of John & Anne Bates, Halfpenny Lane, Elm. Brother of Leonard below. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium.



A/205273 Rfn, 7th King's Royal Rifle Corps. Died of wounds 30-3-18. Second son of John & Anne Bates. Brother of Thomas William above. St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, France.


George William

31378 Private, 2nd Bedfordshire Regiment. Killed in action 4-11-18, age 26. Low Road, Elm. Preux-au-Bois Communal Cemetery, France.


Leonard William

2nd Lt, 2 Squadron Royal Flying Corps. Killed in action 6-7-17, age 32. Elder son of John & Emma Brooks, Church St, Peterborough. Owned bakery & corn business, Elm Bridge. Bully-Grenay Communal Cemetery, British Extension, France.


Walter Wade

16821 Private, 7th Norfolk Regiment. Killed in action 13-10-15, age 24. Son of Charles & Rosanna Brown, Elm. Loos Memorial, France.


Robert Hugh

121908 Gnr, D Battery, 15th Brigade Royal Field Artillery. Wounded 25/25-6-18, Died of wounds 2-7-18, age 31. Son of Walter & Ellen Burton, 32 Friday Bridge Road, Elm. Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille, France.



100843 Gnr, Royal Garrison Artillery. Died 10-7-17, Amara hospital, Mesopotamia, age 22. Second son of Arthur & Laura Burman, Elm Bridge. Amara War Cemetery, Iraq.


George R T

40371 Private, 2nd Lincolnshire Regiment. Wounded & PoW 24-3-18, Died of wounds 22-5-18, age 32. Son of Thomas & Ruth Burgess, Elm. Husband of Mrs F V M Burgess, 1 Hampden Walk, Chase Street, Wisbech. Berlin South-Western Cemetery, Stahnsdorf, Germany.



2007 Private, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Killed in action 29-8-16, age 29. First son of Mr & Mrs William Cooper, Redmoor Cottages, Wales Bank, Elm. Husband of Harriett, 3 Burgess Square, Sandyland, Wisbech. Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart, France.


Archibald 'Archie' Bertram

C8049 L/Cpl, D Company, 2nd King's Royal Rifle Corps. Wounded 9-9-16, Dow 30-11-16, 1st Southern General Hospital, Birmingham. Youngest son of Henry & Charlotte Crofts, The Cherries, Elm Bridge. Buried Elm churchyard.


Lancelot Stanton

53202 Private, 10th West Yorkshire Regiment. Died of wounds 3-9-18, age 19. Son of Walter & Ada Curston, Speedwell Farm, South Brink, Waldersea, Elm. Lebucuiere Communal Cemetery, France.



3/9967 Sgt, 9th Suffolk Regiment. Killed in action 16-9-16, age 37. Son of Frederick & Elizabeth Drew, Elm. Thiepval Memorial, France.



15839 Private, 11th (Cambridgeshire) Suffolk Regiment. Died of wounds 23-3-18, age 38. Son of George & Mary Ann Drew, Elm. Bac-du-Sud British Cemetery, France.


Harry Clifton

61055 Gnr, Y Trench Mortar Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery. Killed in action 19-10-17, age 26. Son of Mr & Mrs Thomas Foote, 34 Duke Street, Walsoken. age 26. Son of Thomas Foote. Husband of A J Foote. Artillery Wood Cemetery, Boesinghe, Belgium.


James Edward

36905 L/Cpl, 6th Royal Berkshire Regiment. (Priness Charlotte of Wales) died of wound 17-2-17, age 30. Born Chatteris, enllisted Spalding, Lincs (Wisbech). Formerly 12105, Cambridgeshire Regiment. Son of Benjamin Grange, Wisbech. Thiepval Memorial, France.


William Elijah

311378 Saddler, No 2 Section 3rd Division Ammunition Column, Canadian Field Artillery. Died mediastinal growth, 22-12-18, age 35, 53rd General Hospital. Son of Mrs N Gibbs, Chapel Lane, Elm. Husband of Daisy Getrude Gibbs, 31 Mercer Street, Toronto, Canada. Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille, France.



325467 Private, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Killed in action 31-7-17, age 34. Son of Edward Harvey. Husband of Rebecca Ann Harvey, Chapel Lane, Elm. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium.



42066 Private, 1st Bedfordshire Regiment. Killed in action 27-9-18, age 19. Son of George & Mary Ann Haw, Gosmoor Lane, Elm. Vis-en-Artois Memorial, France. See also March



G/20315 Private, 4th Middlesex Regiment. Killed in action 28-4-17, age 33. Fruit farm manager. Exemption disallowed March 1916. Third son of William Etherington Jewson & Fanny Elizah Jewson, 81 Begdale, Elm. Arras Memorial to the Missing, Arras, France.



325254 Private, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Killed in action 3-7-18, age 20. Son of Mr & Mrs Bridges Mews, Elm Low Road, Elm. Harponville Communal Cemetery Extension, France.


Cecil Robert

TR/9/8234 Private, 25th Training Reserve Battalion/ Recruits Distribution Btn, Northamptonshire Regiment. Died 5-11-18, age 19. Son of Ernest & Jessie Nurse. Elm churchyard.


Charles Robert

326334 Private, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Killed in action 31-7-17, age 31. Son of William Reeve, 26 Carpenter's Arms Yard, Wisbech. Lived Redmoor Lane, Elm. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium.


Arthur George

18669 Private, 1st Suffolk Regiment. Died 15-2-17, age 33, Struma, Salonika. Son of Frederick & Margaret Ringham. Husband of Alice Ringham, Low Road, Elm. Struma Military Cemetery, Greece.



2405 Private, BCompany, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Wounded 1-6-15, Died of wounds 2-6-15. Son of William & Susannah Roper, Chapel Lane, Elm Bridge. Erquinghem-Lys Churchyard, France.


Herbert Ernest

1990 Private, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Died of wounds 23-9-16, age 20. Second son of John & Elizabeth Singletary, Stone Cottage, Elm. Gezaincourt Communal Cemetery Extension, France.


Wilfred Parker

G/9863 Private, 6th East Kent Regiment (The Buffs). Killed in action 7-10-16, age 21. Son of Mrs W Smalley, Magdalen Fen. Husband of Throney Orpah Smalley, 14 New Street, Wisbech. Had lived in Low Road. Bancourt British Cemetery, France.



9359 Private, 2nd Suffolk Regiment. Killed in action 20-7-16. Fourth son of Mrs Emily Spendelow, Elm. Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval, France.


Benjamin James

480682 Sapper, 446th Field Coy, Royal Engineers. Wounded 19-6-17, Died of wounds 19-6-17, age 41. Son of Frederick & Mary Ann Storey. Husband of Ellen Gertrude Storey. Aichet le Grand Communal Cemetery Extension, France.


John Henry

15427 Private, 1st Lincolnshire Regiment. Killed in action 13-1-10-16, age 32. Son of David & Frances Taylor. Husband of Lily May Taylor, Lakenham Terrace, Wisbech. Vermelles British Cemetery, France.


Percival Henry

9305 L/cpl, 2nd Lincolnshire Regiment. Killed in action 25-9-15, age 21. Eldest son of Henry & Melinda Walker, opposite the Boys' School, Main Road, Elm. Ploegsteert Memorial to the Missing, Belgium.


Percy John

326734 Private, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Killed in action 26-9-17. Eldest son of William & Sarah Jane Ward, Near Station, Elm. Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium.



L/16199 L/cpl, Y company, 4th Royal Fusiliers. Died of wounds 19-6-15, age 23. Son of Fred & Julia White, Sunnyside Cottages, 2 Aurora Cottage, Elm High Road, Elm. Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension, France.


Wilfred Edgar

20683 Private, DCompany, 7th Northamptonshire Regiment. Wounded 30/31-3-16, Died of wounds 1-4-16, age 21, No 8 CCS, Bailleul. Son of Alfred & Edith White, Cargill, Meadowgate Lane, Elm. Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension, France.



328062 Private, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Wounded 26/27-9-18, Died of wounds 28-9-18, age 34, 55th CCS. Eldest son of Mr & Mrs Joseph Wing, Dun Cow, Terrington St Clement. Husband of Kate Wing, Strathmore Cottages, Fridaybridge Rd, Elm. Doingt Communal Cemetery Extension, France. Awarded Military Medal for 26 & 29-9-17.


Arthur Horace

65794 Private, 1/5th Northumberland Fusiliers. Wounded & PoW 10-4-18, Died 22-4-18, age 19. Son of Frederick & Emma Wright, opposite Elm Boys' School, Main Road, Elm. Tourcoing (Pont Neuville) Communal Cemetery, France.



Charles Stanley

Cpl, 14371107, 969 (IWT) Coy, Royal Engineers. 7-11-45, age 35. Son of Charles & Ellen Beart; husband of Ivy Elizabeth Beart, of Elm. Rangoon Memorial, Myanmur.


Aubrey Verdun

Tpr, 5777408, 53rd Rgt, Reconnaissance Corps, Royal Armoured Corps. 30-8-44, age 28. Son of Mary Ann Drew, of Elm. London Cemetery & Extension, Longueval, Somme, France.



Private, 5932821, 2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt, Suffolk Regiment. 17-1-42, age 27. Son of John Henry & Maud Louiesa Elsagood, of Oldfield Cottage, Fridaybridge Rd, Elm. Singapore Memorial, Singapore.


Sidney George

Private, 5777087, 5th Royal Norfolk Regiment. 19-5-43, age 27, Prisoner of War. Son of Alfred & Emily Fordham, of Elm. Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Thailand.


John Cecil

Flight Lt, 138492, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. 2-4-45, age 27. Son of John Edward & Elizabeth Ann Francis, of Elm. Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.



Private, 5933898, 2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt, Suffolk Regiment. 13-2-42, age 30. Son of William Smith Nicholls & Emily Nicholls; husband of Hilda Nicholls, of Elm. Singapore Memorial, Singapore.



No further information currently available


George Morris

Private, 5933540, 2nd Cambridgeshire Rgt, Suffolk Regiment. 13-5-43, age 24, Prisoner of War. Died of tuberculosis at Chunkai. Son of Alfred & Gertrude Stimpson; husband of Marjorie Stimpson, of Wisbech. Chungkai War Cemetery, Thailand.



Possibly: Fred White, Driver, 1922883, 621 Field Sqn., Royal Engineers, who died on Monday 5 February 1945, age 25. Buried: SITTARD WAR CEMETERY Limburg, Netherlands. Son of Albert and Mary White; husband of Hazel Joan White, of Walpole Highway, Cambridgeshire. Born and resident Cambridgeshire.



Pilot Officer, 758109, Observer, 502 Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. 24-11-40. Grangemouth (Grandsable) Cemetery, Stirlingshire.

Also listed for this parish in the Ely Cathedral Second World War Book of Remembrance:


John Vyvyan

Flight Sgt, 968433, 260 Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. 26-6-42, age 20. Son of John Weatherley Robinson Carlile & Muriel Louisa Carlile, of Wisbech. 260 Squadron flew Kittyhawks from LG85, Egypt. Alamein Memorial, Egypt.

London Gazette 27/7/1943

Details from his recommendation AIR 2/9596

Pilot 260 Sqdn

During recent hard fighting in the Western Desert, F/S Carlyle has especially distinguished himself. In one day, he twice turned to attack a greatly superior enemy force and each time brought his aircraft home successfully in spite of extensive damage to it which made it extremely hard to handle. He is a fearless and determined fighter pilot and recently destroyed an enemy fighter when our forces were outnumbered by at least four to one. During the present battle, his characteristic keeness to engage the Hun has inspired confidence and courage in all who witnessed his energy and drive, his conduct throughout being such as to prove a valuable contribution to the successes his squadron has achieved. This airman was reported missing on 26th June 1942, and the recommendation was intiated on 2nd June 1942.

(Note - the D.F.M could not be awarded posthumously, so alot of the time the recommendation would be post dated to the day before the airman went missing)

See also Wisbech and Wisbech Grammar School.


Neville Wiliam

Sgt. 82 Sqdn., R.A.F., d 13/6/1940, age 23, buried: HARLINGEN GENERAL CEMETERY, Friesland, Netherlands. Son of Frank Henry and Violet Mary Carlile, of Hunstanton. Norfolk.See also Wisbech Grammar School.


Albert A

Probably: George Albert COPELAND, Craftsman, 14506669, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers. 7-12-44, age 22. Son of George Trueman Copeland & Kathleen Annie Copeland; husband of Dorothy Gwendoline Copeland, of Coldham. Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. See also Coldham.

Monty Louis

Spr. 287 Field Coy., Royal Engineers, d 22/9/1943, age 23, buried: THANBYUZAYAT WAR CEMETERY, Myanmar. Son of Louis Crawford Jefferson and Ellen Jefferson, of Friday Bridge, Cambridgeshire.


Leslie [William]

Gnr, 11415652, 4/2 Maritime Rgt, Royal Artillery. d 26-11-42, age 22. Son of Robert & Charlotte Newton, of Friday Bridge. Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire. See also Friday Bridge.



No information. See also Friday Bridge.

Leslie Cyril George

Aircraftman 1st Class, 12120904, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. 2-3-44, age 25. Son of George William & Daisy Maud Wadlow; husband of Kathleen Joyce Wadlow, of Leverington Common. Karachi War Cemetery, Pakistan. See also Friday Bridge.


Stanley Ambrose

Able Seaman, C/JX 139420, HMS Arethusa, Royal Navy. 18-11-42. Son of James William & Kate Eileen Wenn, of Friday Bridge. Chatham Naval Memorial, Kent. See also Friday Bridge.

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