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World War 1 & 2 - Detailed information
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Risley is a small village and parish in Erewash in Derbyshire. The war memorial stands on the pavement at the entrance gate to All Saints Church, Derby Road, Risley, Derbyshire. It takes the form of a tapered stone pillar surmounted by a bevelled capstone; the memorial itself stands on a large, square, plinth, with a recessed front panel showing the World War 1 dedication and the names of the fallen in black lettering. The World War 2 dates and names are contained on another side panel; the whole memorial stands on a horizontal base stone with decorative lining to the top; the whole memorial stands on a large horizontal foundation. There are 14 names listed for World War 1 ad 4 for World War 2. There is also a memorial hall dedicated to World War 2 which is a brick and timber clad construction and acts as the village hall.

sp Risley Les Smith (WMR-53194)
sp Risley Les Smith (WMR-53194)
sp Risley Les Smith (WMR-53194)
sp Risley Memorial Hall Les Smith (WMR-61479)


BAKER Colin Claude
Second Lieutenant. 'D' Company, 10th Battalion, Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment). Died of wounds 12th May 1917. Son of Joseph Henry and Annie Baker (nee Stevenson) of Sandiacre. Born 1889 Nottingham NTT. Commemorated Etaples Military Cemetery. XVII.A.17.
BAKER, MC Harry Leslie
Military Cross. Lieutenant. 18th Battalion, Kings (Liverpool) Regiment. Killed in action 8th November 1918. Son of Harry Edgar and Leila Maria Baker (nee Flick) of Sandiacre. Born 1891 Nottingham NTT. Commemorated Doulers Communal Cemetery Extension. II.C.1.
BOSWORTH Leon Charles
Private 52156. 93 Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps. Died of wounds 16th April 1918. Son of William Henry and Mary Bosworth (nee Smith) of Risley. Born 1897 Melbourne and enlisted Ilkeston. Commemorated Etaples Military Cemetery. XXIX.D.1.
FIGG Bertram
Stoker 1st Class K/32366, Royal Navy. HMS Begonia (Sloop, lost unknown cause). Killed in action 6th October 1917. Son of George and Caroline Figg (nee Messingham) of Risley. Born 10th April 1889 Mapperley (as naval record) and enlisted 25th April 1916. Commemorated Portsmouth Naval Memorial. 26.
Gunner 107945. 156th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery. Died of wounds 46 Casualty Clearing Station 30th December 1917. Son of Ellis and Hannah Hitchcock (nee Conway) of Lodge Farm, Risley (as 1911). Born 1894 Hopwell, enlisted Ilkeston and resident Hopwell. Commemorated Mendinghem Military Cemetery. VI.BB.56.
HOOLEY, MC Basil Terah
Military Cross. Major. 7th Battalion, Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment), attached Tank Corps. Died pneumonia home 28th October 1918. Son of Terah and Mary Elizabeth Hooley (nee Swaffield) of Risley Lodge. Husband of Emily Dorothy Hooley (nee Thirlby). Born 8th June 1892 Risley. Commemorated Risley (All Saints) Churchyard.
JOHNSTONE Henry Archer
Major. 152nd Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. Killed in action 21st March 1918. Son of John and Ada Johnstone (nee Archer) of Fairmead, Risley. Born 1890 Nottingham NTT. Commemorated Wancourt British Cemetery. VIII.A.5 (also commemorated headstone of brother William McCall Johnstone. Erquinghem-Lys Churchyard Extension. I.H.9).
JOHNSTONE William McCall
Second Lieutenant. 152nd Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. Killed in action 13th February 1916. Son of John and Ada Johnstone (nee Archer) of Fairmead, Risley. Born 1892 Nottingham NTT. Commemorated Erquinghem-Lys Churchyard Extension. I.H.9.
Sergeant 424440. 28th Battalion, Canadian Infantry. Son of John and Ada Johnstone (nee Archer) of Fairmead, Risley. Born 28th April 1888 Nottingham NTT, enlisted 18th December 1914 Minnedosa, Canada, wounded chest by sniper and, as result, discharged 10th April 1919 Winnipeg, Canada. Died May 1922 (as headstone) Derbyshire. Burial unverified but commemorated (headstone of brother William McCall Johnstone) Erquinghem-Lys Churchyard Extension. I.H.9.
LAST Frederick Alfred
Gunner 71572. C Battery, 71st Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. Killed in action 19th August 1917. Son of Alfred and Mary Ellen Last (nee Jackson). Born 1895 Breaston and enlists 6th January 1915 Derby. Commemorated Brandhoek New Military Cemetery No: 3. I.D.12.
PACEY Walter John Robert
Fitter Staff Sergeant 58057. 2 Depot, Royal Garrison Artillery formerly 23rd Heavy Battery. Died of wounds Eggington Hall Hospital 18th July 1916. Son of John William and Mary Elizabeth Pacey (nee Adamson). Born 1890 Newcastle NBL, enlisted Woolwich KEN and resident Sandiacre (as probate). Commemorated Risley (All Saints) Churchyard.
PRINCE, MM Frederick John
Military Medal. Sergeant 21507. 26th Battalion, Canadian Infantry. Died of wounds 22 Casualty Clearing Station 2nd October 1918. Son of John and Eliza Prince (nee Beswick) of Keys Farm, Hopwell. Born 30th March 1891 Gateham Grange, Leek STS (as Canadian army record. Gateham Grange actually in Derbyshire) and enlisted 23rd September 1914 Canada. Commemorated Bucquoy Road Cemetery. IV.C.40.
STAFFORD Sidney Lawrence
Rifleman R/6941. 9th Battalion, Kings Royal Rifle Corps. Killed in action 15th September 1916. Son on of Joseph and Sarah Jane Stafford (believed nee Wilson but unverified) of Brook House, Risley. Born 1889 Risley, enlists 10th November 1914 Nottingham NTT and resident Risley. Commemorated Guards Cemetery. VII.O.1.
TIVEY Rowland
Private 23413. 20th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry. Died of wounds 4th August 1917. Son of George and Ann Tivey (nee Dallman). Born 1896 Melbourne, enlisted Ilkeston (attested 8th December 1915, mobilized 26th May 1916) and resident Risley. Commemorated Godewaersvelde British Cemetery. I.C.7.



STEVENSON Albert Edward
Gunner 1512375. 230 Battery, 74 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery. Died 11th December 1941. Believed (unverified) son of Joseph and Margaret Stevenson (nee Hoe). Born 1919 Derbyshire and resident Derbyshire (as Army Roll of Honour). Commemorated Port Said War Memorial Cemetery. V.C.4.
WALKER Arthur Hall
Sergeant (Air Gunner) 1817320, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. 12 Squadron. Killed in action 4th March 1945 (crewing Avro Lancaster PB476 PH-Y on night training flight, shot down by German intruder night fighter). Son of Arthur and Beatrice Walker (nee Hall) of Risley. Born 1925. Commemorated Alford Cemetery. U.51.
Ordinary Seaman C/JX318817, Royal Navy. HMS Curacoa (Anti-Aircraft Cruiser, sunk when accidentally rammed by RMS Queen Mary). Killed in action 2nd October 1942. Son of John H and Anne Wood (nee Brown) of Risley. Born 1st December 1923 Dale Abbey, Derbyshire. Commemorated Chatham Naval Memorial. 58.2.
WHEATCROFT Montague Ernest
Sergeant (Air Gunner) 1162294, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. 12 Squadron. Killed in action 7th September 1942 (crewing Vickers Wellington Z8527 PH-C on night operation to Duisburg, lost for unknown reason). Son of Ernest Hepworth and Maria Wheatcroft (nee Pawley). Born 1911 Nottinghamshire. Commemorated Reichswald Forest War Cemetery. 16.G.1.

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