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Lim Bo Seng Memorial, Singapore

Limbo Bo Seng Memorial Singapore

Lim Bo Seng was a hero of the Second World War, a Singaporean who was a Kuomintang member and vigorously raised funds for the China war efforts from the time of the atrocities in China in 1937 to the invasion of Malaya. He had to leave Singapore before the arrival of the Japanese in Singapore leaving behind his wife and children. He was enlisted by the S.O.E. to negotiate with Chiang Kai Shek to recruit Chinese young men for Force 136. He was much respected by both the European officers and his Chinese colleagues for his integrity, patriotism, courage and selflessness. He was in one of the first groups of Force 136 to return to Malay in May 1943. Unfortunately on his first trip from the jungle into the town of Ipoh he was arrested by the Japanese, possibly betrayed by Lai Teck, the M.C.P. Secretary-General who was a double agent working for the Japanese too. Lim was put in the Ipoh Prison at Batu Gajah and here he was unmercilessly tortured. The Japanese wanted the names of the Malaysian Communist Party (M.C.P.) members and the whereabouts of their hideouts. In spite of great pain and suffering he would not give in to their demands. Finally he died from dysentery and was buried in a shallow grave in the jungle near the prison. At the end of the war his body was exumed and he was given a proper burial in Singapore after a state funeral. Later with funds from Hong Kong, a pagoda-like memorial was built in his memory.

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