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World War 1 & 2 - Roll of Honour with detailed information
Compiled and copyright © Chris Harley 2007

The war memorial is in the churchyard extension of St Andrew’s Parish Church, Mutford, Suffolk. The names on the Memorial are in Service & Chronological order for the Great War. They are listed here in alphabetical order for ease of reference. It takes the form of a Celtic Cross with a tapered shaft mounted on a plinth on a three-steeped base. the inscription is to be found on the front face of the plinth and the step below it. The memorial was initially dedicated by Cannon R A Bignold and unveiled 20th March 1921; the buolder was Mr E Brown. Details can be found in the Eastern Anglian Daily Times 26th March 1921.

Photograph (above) Copyright © Chris Harley 2007
Photograph (below) Copyright © Helen Steed 2012


In Memorian
GREAT WAR 1914 - 1918



905DA Deck Hand Royal Naval Reserve HM Drifter Lindsell. Killed in action 3rd September 1914. Commemorated CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL Panel 8.

Note: HM Drifter Lindsell was mined & sunk in the Humber 3rd September 1914 with the loss of 5 crew.


William G

William George Blanch 16000DA Deck Hand Royal Naval Reserve HMMS Blackmorevale. Killed in action 1st May 1918 aged 25. Commemorated CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL Panel 30.

Note: HMMS BLACKMOREVALE early Hunt Class Minesweeper of 750 tons launched 23rd March 1917 at Ardrossan. armed with 2 x 12 pounder, 2 x 6 pounderoriginal Admiralty No 485 which became T.C2 in 1918. Lost 1st May 1918 by mine off Montrose.


George W

5346/DA Deck Hand Royal Naval Reserve HM Drifter Recompense. Died 28th March 1916 (1915 on Memorial) aged 45 years (51 on Memorial). Husband of M. E. Boon, of Mutford, Beccles, Suffolk. Buried HASTINGS CEMETERY (Sussex) Grave L. D. L26.††

Note: HM Drifter RECOMPENSE Port No LT509 ( Lowestoft), Admiralty No 1419, 58 tons launched 1902, Net vessel. Requisitioned March 1915 and returned 1919.



Probably Robert Maddis 8558/DA Deck Hand Royal Naval Reserve HM Trawler Territorial. Died from illness 27th October 1917 aged 49. Buried DEAL CEMETERY Grave 2. 1256. Date of death on Memorial is 28th October. In the 1901 census, Robert Maddis is shown as being 30 years old and is living at in Mutford with his Aunt and Uncle, Alfred and Sarah Youngman. His occupation is shown as "Fisherman". Robert is shown as being born in Mutford. Going back to 1881, he was living at the St Johnís Boys Home in Ipswich.

Note: HM Drifter TERRITORIAL of 80 tons launched 1909 , Port No LT 339 ( Lowestoft ) Admiralty No 1853, armed with 1 x 6 pounder AA gun and a net sweeper. Requisitioned September 1915, returned 1919


Mark A

3561 Serjeant Machine Gun Corps 51st Company formerly 14361 Suffolk Regiment. Born & Resident Mutford Enlisted Lowestoft. Killed in action 21st March 1918 aged 24 (25 on Memorial). Son of Louisa Raven, of Mutford, Beccles, Suffolk, and the late Alfred Raven. Commemorated ARRAS MEMORIAL Bay 10.



235SA Deck Hand Royal Naval Reserve HM Drifter Lindsell. Killed in action 3rd September 1914. Commemorated CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL Panel 8.~See Arthur Baker above for further details.


Cecil R

Cecil Robert Sharman 7286A Seaman Royal Naval Reserve HM Trawler Elise. Killed in action 22nd September 1918 aged 20. Son of Alice Sharman, of Hulver Rd., Mutford, Suffolk; and the late Arthur Sharman. Commemorated CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL Panel 30.

Note: HM Trawler ELISE Port registration No PD164, Admiralty No 1622 of 239 tons launched 1907. Armed with 1 x 6 pounder gun and used as a Minesweeper. Requisitioned June 1915 and sunk, presumed torpedoed, 22/9/1918 off St Mary's Light House near Blyth by UB-34. The Skipper, RNR, 1 RN rating, and 12 RNR ratings. including Sharman, were lost in the trawler.


William H

William Herbert Sharman 15463 Private 2nd Bn Suffolk Regiment. Born Mutford Enlisted Lowestoft. Killed in action 2nd March 1916 aged 20. Son of Alice Sharman, of Hulver Rd., Mutford, Becdes, Suffolk, and the late Arthur Sharman. Commemorated YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 21.


Percy E

Percy Edward Solomon 7085A Seaman Royal Naval Reserve H.M. Drifter Star of Buchan. Killed in action 20th October 1915 aged 20. Son of Albert and Alice Solomon, of Highlands Farm, Mutford, Beccles, Suffolk. Buried SELSEY (ST. PETER) CHURCH CEMETERY in north western part.

Note: HM Drifter STAR OF BUCHAN, 81 tons launched 1913, Port No FR534 ( Fraserburgh), Admiralty No 787, used as a patrol boat, requisitioned January 1915, mined 20th October 1915 off the Nab Head. The mine was laid by the small German minelaying submarine UC 5.


Arthur J

Arthur James Spink 7693DA Deck Hand Royal Naval Reserve HM Trawler Amy. Killed in action 11th April 1917. Commemorated CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL Panel 26.

Note: HM Trawler AMY, of 223 tons launched 1905, Port No FD39 ( Fleetwood registered), Admiralty No 334, requisitioned August 1914 for Minesweeping duties, lost by mine 11th April 1917 off Le Havre with her skipper, RNR, and eight RNR ratings, including Spink. The War memorial gives date of death as 17th April 1917 aged 18.



14136 Sergeant 5th Bn Suffolk Regiment. Born Worlingham, Suffolk Enlisted Lowestoft. Died 12th October 1917 aged 36 (26 on Memorial). Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Woolnough, of Mutford, Beccles, Suffolk. Commemorated TYNE COT MEMORIAL Panel 40 to 41 and 162 to 162A.

WORLD WAR, 1939-1945


Surtees George

Died 28th January 1944 aged 47 at 5 The Bungalows Mutford. Occupation Engineer Fishing Fleet. Cause of death heart failure. Date of death on Memorial is 28th.


Kenneth Robert

Kenneth Robert Russell Cross LT/181828 Royal Naval Patrol Service HM Trawler Comet. Killed in action 30th September 1940 aged 24. Son of Henry George and Mabel Cross, of Mutford, Suffolk. Commemorated LOWESTOFT NAVAL MEMORIAL†Panel 2, Column 1.~COMET, Trawler (R, 301t, 1924) Sunk by mine off Falmouth, 30th September 1940.


Alan jack

5775704 Lance Corporal 4th Bn Royal Norfolk Regiment. Died 12th September 1943 aged 26. Son of John and Mary Ann Sturman; husband of Joan Olive Sturman, of Hulver, Suffolk. Buried KANCHANABURI WAR CEMETERY 4. E. 50.†

Buried in Churchyard, but not on Memorial



Mate Mercantile Marine Reserve HM Drifter True Reward. Died of illness 30th August 1917 aged 49. Husband of Alice Bryant. Grave opposite entrance.

Note: HM Drifter True Reward, Port No LT172 (Lowestoft) launched 1913 of 93 tons, requisitioned September 1915 and returned 1919. She was a Boom Defence Vessel (BDV) and was the same in WW2.

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