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Dorchester Remembers the Great War


The Burden of Guilt: How Germany Shattered the Last Days of Peace, Summer 1914




Exercise Tiger


The German Army on Vimy Ridge 1914-1917

Evelyn Wood, VC


Weathered Witness - Relics of the Great War

9th Service Battalion the Sherwood Foresters: The Nott's and Derby Regiment During the First World War   The Memorial to the Missing of the Somme
Berlin Airlift - The salvation of a city   The Indian Mutiny
Slim's Burma Boys   The Mascot
Operation Epsom    

Singapore Diary


Campaigning for Napoleon

Tip and Run


Old Soldier Sahib

The Further Price a Parish Paid


Old Soldiers Never Die

Operation Plunder - The British and Candian Rhine Crossing


Somme Harvest

The Affair at Néry


Monty's Highlanders

The History of the Artists Rifles 1859-1947


The Black Watch - A Concise History

British Army Handbook 1939-1945


Royal Navy Handbook 1939-1945

Lawrence of Arabia - Mirage of a Desert War


Hitler’s Panzers

Home Run - Escape from Nazi Europe


The Captain's Steward - Falklands 1982

Remembered - History of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission


Old Ironsides - The Military Biography of Olivger Cromwell

Discovering British Regimental Traditions


The Battle for Hong Kong 1941-45


The Victoria Cross

Cassel's Battlefields of Britain and Ireland


Images of War - Flanders 1915



Horrocks - The General Who Lewd From The Front

The War Lords


Aviation Archaeology in Britain

Last Post


Kampfgruppe Peiper

Discovering Battlefields of England and Scotland


Major and Mrs Holt's Concise Illustrated Battlefield Guide The Western Front (South)

Wrapped in Whirlwinds - Poems of the Crimean War


Sir Edwin Lutyens

One Christmas in Washington


Under Fire in the Dardenelles

War Time Log for British Prisoners

  Liverpool Scottish 1900-1919

With the 10th Essex in France


Rodney and the Breaking of the Line



Tracing Your Second World War Ancestors

Northamptonshire Regiment 1914-1918


Razors Edge - The Unofficial History of the Falklands War

Granny's Diaries


Blood, Sweat and Arrogance The Myths of Churchill’s War

The Ultimate Sacrifice


Veterans - The last Survivors of the Great War

Command and Control on the Western Front


The Somme - From Defeat to Victory

The British Grenadiers


Awards of the George Cross 1940-2005

Somme - The Battle Ninety Yewars On


British Campaign Medals 1914--2005

Before Endeavours Fade - A Guide to the Battlefields of the First World War


Twenty Two Hundred Days To Pulo

A Century of Remembrance


Adolf Hitler - The Final Analysis

Suez - The Double War


Through German eyes: the British & the Somme 1916

Home Front 1914-1918 - How Britain Survived the Great War


The Great Escapers - The Full Story of the Second World War's Most Remarkable Mass Escape

Voices in Flight


The Germans at Thiepval

The Germans at Beaumont Hamel


The Kaiser's Memoirs - Wilhelm II

Twenty Days in the Reich


The British Officer

Discovering Fortifications


Major and Mrs Holt's Pocket Battlefield Guide - Somme

Major and Mrs Holt’s Pocket Battlefield Guide Ypres - Passchendaele


Ramillies 1706

Light Dragoons


Pals on the Somme 1916

White Death - Russia's War on Finalnd 1939-1940


Rogue Warrior of the SAS

Rat's Alley - British trench Names of the Western front 1914-1918


A Child at Arms

Adolf Hitler - A Portrait


An Unorthodox Soldier - peace and War and The Sandline Affair

The War for All the Oceans - The British Navy’s Struggle Against Napoleon


The British Army Handbook 1914-1918



Cheshire Bantams

Douglas Haig - Diaries and Letters 1861-1914


Code Name Mulberry

Ypres - The First Battle 1914


Tracing Your Army Ancestors

Battle of the Bulge - Hitler's Final Gamble


Almost A Childhood - Growing Up Among The Nazis

The Germans in Normandy


The Royal Scots - A Concise History

The Pegasus Diaries - The Private Papers of Major John Howard DSO


100 Bomber Group (Bomber Support) RAF Bommber Comand in World War 2

The History of the Cheshire Regiment in the Great War


Flak Houses Then and Now - The Story of American Rest Homes in England

North-West Aircraft Wrecks


There's a Devil in the Drum

The War of Wars - The Napoleonic Era


The Rhine Crossing 9th US Army & 17th US Airborne

The Crimean War


Cromwell's Masterstroke - Dunbat 1650

The Adventures & Inventions of Stewart Blacker


Blood - Red Desert Sand - The British Invasions Of Egypt & The Sudan 1882-1898

The History Of The Lincolnshire Regiment 1914-1918


Red Partisans

The Life and Campaigns of General Hughie Stockwell



Battlefields Annual Review


Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19 - Version 2

Beneath Flanders Fields


War in the Air

Surviving the Sword


The True Glory Collector's Edition

Target for Tonight


Letters from the Front

VE Day - A Day to Remember


Hitlers Spy Chief

The Blockade Busters


Call To Arms

The Warlords Hindenburg and Ludendorf


Dieppe Operation Jubilee –Channel Ports

Forgotten Voices of the Second World War



Trafalgar The Biography of a Battle


Crossing the Buffalo - THE ZULU WAR OF 1879

Bonaparte in Egypt


Bomber Boys

The Somme


Waterloo - In the footsteps of commanders

A Life in Secrets


Stalin's Folly

Wellington's Regiments



Operation Chariot


War Memorials in Britain

In action with the SAS


The British Army of 1914

The Battle for the Rhine 1944


British Military Rifles

Sharpshooter in the Crimea


Chapman-Andrews and the Emperor

Biographical Dictionary of British Generals of the Second World War


Britains Last Tommies

From Dogfight to Diplomacy



The Civil War in Yorkshire (Fairfax Versus Newcastle)


D-Day by Those Who Were There

Without Tradition 2 Para 1941-1945


Villers Bocage

Major & Mrs Holts's Concise Illustrated Battlefield Guide The Western Front (North)


Discovering English County Regiments

The Forgotten Few (The Polish Air Force In World War ll)   TOMMY The British Soldier On The Western Front 1914-1918
JUNO BEACH Canadian 3rd Infantry & 79th Armoured Divisions   Sheffield Armourer to the British Empire
VC's of the Second World War   Secret Letters from the Railway
A Glint in the Sky   Battles of World War 1
The History Of The Queen’s Royal (West Surrey) Regiment (In The Great War)   Redcoats and Zulus
Secret Forces of World War 2   Just Soldiers
British Regiments 1914-1918   British Home Defences 1940-45
To Freedom Through China Escaping From Japanese-Occupied Hong Kong 1942   Forgotten Voices of the Second World War
Lost Souls of the River Kwai   Record of the Battles & Engagwments of the British Armies in France & Flanders 1914-18
Bomber Airrew in World War 2   XD Operations - Secret British Misisons Denying Oil to the Nazis
Billie - The Neville Letters 1914-1916   Tobruk 1941
Diary of an Old Contemptible   The Voice of War - The Second World War Told by Those Who Fought It
Battle Honours of the British Empire and Commonwealth Land Forces 1662-1991   The West Yorkshire Regiment In The War 1914-1918
Fighter Pilots in World War 2   HMS Gloucester
Naval & Military Press
Pen adn Sword Books
Military History at Amazon

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