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We have supplied a variety of searches here to help find information. The quickest and easiest search is the Google search. For specific data there are also a wide variety of databases available.

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Poppies in a Field - Ken and Pam Linge

Photograph Copyright © Ken and Pam Linge 2003

To search for specific words on a page place the individual words in the 'Text to Search For:' box. The more words the more precise the search.

The 'AND/OR:' box allows for a search using 'AND' meaning all the words must match where 'OR' means if any of the words matches.

The 'Case' box allows to search for an exact matchof the casing of the words in 'Sensitive' mode or any form in 'Insenstive' mode.

The search will return the titles of the pages only - you will need to look at the page to find the details that matched.

This search takes a while and will appear to be inactive until the data has been accumulated - please be patient.

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